Whatever your satcom needs,
Gimbalcom can help.

Gimbalcom provides numerous services, globally.

These include project management, performance analysis, proposals, system upgrades, construction, installation, commisioning and maintenance.

Gimbalcom offers telecommunications and broadcast satellite system design for all types of traffic, from IP and data to analogue systems.

We will specify all equipment to fulfil your requirements; from traffic input to traffic delivery at the distant end.

System Upgrades

Gimbalcom can work with customers to revise the arrangements on existing systems to improve the performance, increase the capacity or provide more automated operation. Many existing systems can be upgraded rather than replaced- Gimbalcom will review existing equipment, identify any new requirements and make recommendations, if these are approved, Gimbalcom can rework the system to implement the changes. Should retraining of personnel be needed, this can also be provided.


Gimbalcom is experienced in performing all types of installation work worldwide; from VSAT networks to 11 metre fixed antenna systems and fly-away/Electronic New Gathering mobile systems. We produce risk and method statements associated with all on site tasks in addition to coordinating all site activities. Our experience extends from mechanical and electrical interfacing, foundation laying and craneage to commissioning and satellite testing.


Gimbalcom have designed and supplied an embedded processor to monitor and control functions over I.P. connections, these include RF power monitors, RS485 interfaces and Tx/Rx redundancy switching functions


Gimbalcom performs the detailed design associated with all aspects of your system requirement. We include associated activities such as rack layouts, system wiring, test specifications, monitoring and interface design, power distribution, and software definition/proving and system handbooks.

Project Management

Gimbalcom can support your system implementation with our project management services, either as a traditional contractor or as a full management service. We can produce full and comprehensive project plans including all milestones and critical path analysis. We address supplier and task tracking, risk reduction, activity co-ordination and scheduling of activities. We can also support you in sub-contractor selection, contract negotiations, specification definition, control and reporting of sub contractors and suppliers.